Word-of-mouth referrals and how to ask for them

Feb 28, 2019 3:10:21 PM / by Legwork


Word-of-mouth referrals are a reflection of patients having positive things to say about you. When patients have a great experience they’re more than willing to talk about it, and that enthusiasm can help you grow your practice.


The essence of word-of-mouth referrals

People turn to each other to better inform their choices. That’s the core of referrals, and they’re a tradition as old as humanity itself, and one that people still pride themselves on today.


Providing friends, coworkers, family members and even strangers with a great recommendation resonates deeply with human nature. It’s like finding the best watering hole and coming back to inform the rest of the groupan act of service that gives us social credibility and puts us in good standing with our peers. It’s something people want to do, because it’s in our own social interest.


People have a vested interest the success of your practice if they want access to it in the future. Patients who have a great experience are driven to promote your practice and keep it in business. With your request, they’ll more than likely provide a referral or an online review.


How to ask patients to share their experiences.

Just ask. Over 80% of happy patients are willing to refer your business. But few doless than 30%. By simply asking your patients, you put yourself top-of-mind, reminding them of the great services they received at your practice.

Let patients know it’s the best compliment they could give. If they had a positive experience, your patients will be eager to thank you. Letting them know referrals are a great complement gives them a perfect opportunity to sing your praises, and gives you a chance at new referrals.

Provide referral cards. Referral cards can be bundled with goody bags of toothbrushes and floss, and provide your patients another reminder to offer a referral or a review if they were happy with your service.

Offer a rewards program. People love a great deal. By offering a referral program, you provide incentive for new patients to come in, and encourage existing patients to get additional treatments they need.


People have a vested interest the success of your practice if they want access to it in the future.

With the right insights, you can pinpoint the patients who are ready to refer your practice. Mix those insights and the techniques listed here, and you’ll have everything you need to get more referrals than ever before. Make your patients happy and they’ll want to tell the world!


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