Honestly, what does "'Patient Experience" even mean?

May 14, 2018 2:07:41 PM / by Legwork

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At Legwork, we believe patient experience is key for the dental industry, and that it is the catalyst for growing your practice. But honestly, what does patient experience even mean?


Patient Experience

At the end of each dental appointment, the patient isn’t going to remember how well the hygienist polished their central incisor, or how precisely their braces were adjusted. They’re only going to walk away with is a feeling, positive or negative, about their time at your practice.

Patient experience is that feeling. It’s the impression your patient has throughout their journey with your office, from the moment they visit your website all the way to after they leave their last appointment. Their experience at your dental practice defines the patient’s satisfaction and overall sentiment towards your practice.

There’s nothing more influential to the growth and stability of your business than the relationship you have with your patients. Patient experience is the way to improve that relationship, by giving everyone who walks through your door an experience they can't help but talk about.

Your goal needs to be creating services & processes that improve the patient's experience with your practice in a way that delights, retains, and encourages promotion from the patient. Long after the appointment is over, patients will remember how you made them feel -- make sure those feelings are positive!


Written by Legwork

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