How your dental practice can turn web visitors into new patients

Feb 22, 2019 2:56:37 PM / by Legwork



So you have a website for your practice. That’s great, because 97% of patients prefer to visit a website for information about dental practices rather than making a phone call. Here’s the kicker: every one of those visitors to your website represents a potential new patient for your practice. But it’s a challenge to turn those web visitors into leads.

This is big problem many dental practices face; we frequently get asked questions like “how do I get web visitors to schedule an appointment?” What’s our recommendation? Well, to maximize the potential of your website, you need web assessments.

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3 Ways to Get More Dental Patients From Your Website

Feb 20, 2019 2:48:05 PM / by Legwork


Bringing visitors to your dental practice website is a challenge already. But traffic alone isn’t what you’re looking for in the first place; you want those visitors to engage with your site by scheduling an appointment or becoming a lead. Getting a web visitor to perform an action you want is called “conversion,” and it’s one of the most difficult aspects of online marketing.

To make sure your website is contributing to your practice growth, here are 3 things to look for in a website that will help drive conversions.

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Must-Have Features for a Successful Dental Website

Feb 15, 2019 3:33:57 PM / by Legwork


A visit to your dental website is often the first meaningful interaction a potential new patient has with your business. It’s your virtual front office that needs to be inviting and useful for existing patients and potential leads alike.

But time and time again we come across dental websites that are, in essence, a shrine dedicated to the doctor of that practice. Unless your dental practice is actually a meeting ground for a secret society (if so, ignore this article) this style misses out on the potential growth your site can provide.

There's a lot of information out there regarding what makes a good website and what doesn't. It can be overwhelming, especially given that much of the advice out there doesn't apply to dental websites. Dentistry is a very particular niche, requiring a special approach to web design not applicable to any other industry.

Here are the things you should pursue for when looking to build a dental website for your practice.

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Let’s Get Real. Patients Don’t Choose Dentistry Like They Choose Toasters.

Sep 7, 2017 6:27:37 PM / by Korey R. Korfiatis

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We know we’re stating the obvious when we say how much the internet has changed the way consumers shop. We can buy virtually anything we want or need with a few clicks from just about anywhere, anytime. Whether searching for live lobsters, patio furniture, socks or batteries, we buy a myriad of products for our everyday lives when shopping online.

But what about shopping for services such as an insurance company, a cardiologist, an attorney, or…a dentist?

In this article, our 3rd in our series of Google rankings and SEO, we will change your perception of how consumers ultimately choose a dentist, and what you can do to increase the probability that they’ll choose you. 

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SEO is out.  Conversion is alive and well!

Mar 11, 2016 3:34:34 PM / by Korey R. Korfiatis


Did you know that nearly every industry, outside of dental, now considers search engine optimization (SEO)to be worthless? That’s right, it’s a complete waste of money. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s still very important to optimize your online presence. But rarely should it be done in the way the resident dental marketing expert tells you it should. While most are focused on keywords and where they rank in search, prospective patients are visiting your site each and every day and yet they still aren’t converting into appointments. 

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