One Simple Way to Elevate Your Patient Experience

Mar 13, 2019 5:48:09 PM / by Legwork

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You have a beautiful waiting room, a comfortable office, a friendly staff and top-tier equipment. Building your patient experience is vital for the growth of your practice. Patients who are nurtured and comfortable during their visit at your office will feel good about their time with you and therefore more likely to review and recommend your practice to others.

But did you know that the patient experience begins well before the patient even steps foot in your practice? In practice, it starts on their first contact with your practice. Are you doing enough to make those first steps positive ones?

Let’s face it; going to the dentist is something a lot of people dread. So it’s vital that whether they’re calling your front office or visiting your web page, they need to feel welcomed, and receive answers to their questions.


One major way to provide a great experience before the patient even sets foot into your dental practice is to ask them to fill out a comfort survey. These surveys allow patients to inform your office of any anxieties they may have about dental treatment, as well as offering them options that may help them be comfortable during their visit. They ask your patients questions such as :

  • Do you have any anxieties or fears regarding dental treatment?

  • What music would you prefer to hear during your appointment?

  • Would you like any added items for your comfort (headphones, sunglasses, pillow, blanket)?

  • What beverage would you like during your stay in the waiting room?


Using comfort preference surveys helps to elevate the patient experience at your practice. They provide you with information on how to make their time with your practice as positive as possible, offering a ‘cheat sheet’ to a successful appointment. They also help the patient feel in control during their visit.  They get a voice in their treatment and a more comfortable appointments, leaving them with a positive impression long after they leave your office. And you can keep those preferences so your patients have something to look forward to with every appointment.


Providing your patients with comfort survey to fill out pre-appointment might seem like a small item to focus on, but it can have a large impact on your patients’ experience. After all, it’s patients that grow practices. Give them something they’ll be eager to talk about.

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