How your dental practice can turn web visitors into new patients

Feb 22, 2019 2:56:37 PM / by Legwork



So you have a website for your practice. That’s great, because 97% of patients prefer to visit a website for information about dental practices rather than making a phone call. Here’s the kicker: every one of those visitors to your website represents a potential new patient for your practice. But it’s a challenge to turn those web visitors into leads.

This is big problem many dental practices face; we frequently get asked questions like “how do I get web visitors to schedule an appointment?” What’s our recommendation? Well, to maximize the potential of your website, you need web assessments.

What’s a web assessment?


A web assessment is an interactive form, allowing potential patients to learn about a procedure and answer a few questions specific to their case. The survey those patients take gives them a personalized result, informing them whether or not they’re a good candidate for that treatment.


Why web assessments are the key to turning web visitors into leads?

The internet is a primary destination for medical information in general. Providing information on dental treatments helps web visitors find the answers they need.

Web assessments provide more value to potential patients than information alone, fitting their preferred research method and giving them treatment information specific to their case. By offering useful and unique information, you create a great experience that patients are going to remember when it comes time to accept treatment.

These assessments are great for your practice too. When they engage with assessments, patients provide their contact information, which drops into your PRM software. By offering assessments, you capture more leads, a vital step in turning website visitors into patients.


When you look for your next dental website, make sure you find an option that lets you provide assessments. Without them, you’re ignoring a huge avenue for more patients and revenue -- and may end up with a site that’s just another glorified brochure. But with assessments, you can turn your site visitors into patients and drive a new wave of practice growth.


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