Why Your Dental Office Needs to Use Patient Relationship Management Software

Feb 6, 2019 9:50:39 AM / by Legwork


Patient Relationship Management


Patient-centric care is a hot topic from hospitals to dentistry. In an often chasing trends and celebrating buzzwords, this might seem unsurprising. But the truth is, patient-centric care really is changing the way healthcare and specifically dental industry providers interact with and guide their patientsand patient relationship management software is the way that they’re making it happen. Here are some of the major benefits you can see by using patient relationship management software at your practice.


Let's face it; running a dental practice is a ton of work. Seeing several or dozens of patients per day with paperwork and scheduling to manage for each takes a toll on you and your support staff. Add the need to communicate with patients, and it can be truly daunting. Keeping on top of regular duties can be so much that one might even neglect to craft a good patient experience. With a PRM, many tasks and tools are simplified to reduce strain on your front office. Communications, intake paperwork, and other functions are often centralized in patient relationship management software, making common tasks easier so your staff can create a great experience for your patients.


Running a dental practice


Deeper Relations

Beyond saving valuable time for you and your staff, the communications tools of PRM software help you further your relationship with patients. Manual and automated communications enable communication with patients at every stage of their journey, while workflows nurture them to accepting additional treatments and services. By continuing your communication and providing nurturing information via a patient’s preferred channels, you guide their journey even outside of your office.



The tools provided by patient relationship management software fuel the growth of your practice. PRM tools deliver insights that help you craft a great experience that leaves a lasting and positive impression on your patients. Those impressions are the foundation two vital lines of practice growth—reviews and referrals. Properly utilized, PRM software can help you get glowing online reviews and identify patients willing to provide referrals, bringing in new appointments as well as encouraging existing patients to receive more treatments.



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