Great Web Experience Goes Hand-In-Hand With a Great Patient Experience to Grow Your Referrals.

Apr 10, 2018 8:47:49 AM / by Legwork

Better Patient Experiencel

Go back a few decades and running a dental practice was a little simpler. SEO didn’t exist and neither did the internet. Prospective patients weren’t comparison shopping dentists and weren’t determined to find the best dentist within just a few  miles.

Today, things are competitive, smarter and high performance. To get a new patient in the door, all the boxes need to be checked. Come up short on any one detail or fail to match the latest online trends and patients pass up your practice for another that's just a click away. 

Mastering the practice’s online presence and leveraging it to generate new patients is important. Unfortunately, this all too often becomes the ONLY focus, the thing that is expected to make the practice grow - and that's a mistake.

In fact, it's the whole patient experience from the virtual practice visit to the physical one - that build up to new patient referrals and practice growth.

It starts and ends with web presence

The All-In-One Legwork PRM + Website Ecosystem enhances the entire experience - from the first time someone looks up your practice online until they are a loyal patient, happy to leave 5-star reviews and refer their friends!

It starts with a mobile-first website. Patients will find your website simple, fast and easy to use on a mobile-device. This creates a great first impression - that your practice is current and one of the best options for them.

Since Legwork automates reviews, prospecting patients and referrals will also have access to all the great experiences your current patient are having. For the prospective patient, this boosts their confidence, moving them closer to scheduling. For a referral, it's just the little validation they may need to set up an appointment.

Between scheduling and their first appointment, patients are going to get an automatic appointment reminder - a courtesy that everyone appreciates. Add to that comfort surveys that serve to demonstrate your practice cares; while simultaneously providing the practice with the insights needed to take the patient experience to the another level.

When it comes time for the in-office visit, new patients are not only primed to see their experience in a positive light but will walk into an environment that is running efficiently and feels organized. With Legwork PRM, all the information the practice needs gets pulled into the platform. From the operatory calendar and task-lists to new leads and website analytics - there is only system to use.

Beyond the patient visit, Legwork PRM comes into its own with it's automated referral program. First, patients get an automatic thank you email after every visit, while all new patients are automatically mailed referral cards to hand out to friends and family.

In addition to the referral program, automated patient review requests go out and make it easier than ever for patients to share their experiences - right from their phone.

Legwork doesn't stop there either. Legwork provides practices with engaging, clinically-accurate dental content to post on their social accounts, blogs and in email campaigns. This serves to drive traffic to the website boosting SEO and ensures the practice is visible in searches.

With that, it comes full circle and cycle begins again with the next set of referrals and prospective patients.


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