3 Valuable Insights Reviews Provide your Practice

May 3, 2018 12:09:07 PM / by Legwork

The results practices want the most from their marketing efforts is always more reviews and more online exposure. Rightfully so, with 77% of patients using reviews as their first step to finding a new doctor, positive reviews are a vital component to growing your practice.

Patient Review Insights


However, the industry has placed too much emphasis on just getting a review. The majority of dentists have lost site of why a review is so important to their practice. Everyone wants to know how to get more reviews, but they miss out on what all they can gain from reviews.

While reviews have a huge role in outward facing marketing efforts, the true value of a review is not actually the review itself. The most valuable aspects of a review are the insights it provides for your practice.

1. Reveals 

In general practices tend to check if they received an high rating while neglecting to read the content of the review itself. Well, the actual written portion of the review reveals the real sentiment of the patient’s visit. It is this sentiment that gives you and your practice understanding as to how you’re performing.

Obviously with a negative rating left in the review, you’re going to read it  to understand what went wrong. However, if the patient leaves a 5 star review, don’t you want to know what you did right?

2. Gives Direction 

Okay, so the 5 star review revealed that the patient loved how a certain hygienist made them feel comfortable even though they were nervous for the appointment. This insight is so helpful! Think about it, you now have a roadmap and a set of instructions given to you from a patient that shows you how to deliver an excellent patient experience.

The review provides tangible evidence to what is working, so you and your staff are no longer delivering an experience that you created via a brainstorming session. Rather, you know what to do in order to deliver an excellent patient experience.

3. Measurement

You’ve read the reviews, you saw what worked, and adopted them. Now what?Keep an eye on your reviews, see what is being revealed in any reviews that are posted after you have made the changes.

Delivering a positive patient experience is an on going endeavor, and is important to make sure that it is being measured. Here at Legwork we believe that practices are built by happy patients. Well, what better way to deliver happiness than understanding and listening to what your patients are saying?


Here is a checklist with the Do's & Don'ts of Earning Reviews 


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