2 Small Tips to Massively Improve Patient Experience.

May 21, 2018 11:37:18 AM / by Legwork


2 Tips to imrpove PE


With the second quarter of 2018 half-way through, its an important time to examine how well you are delivering a fantastic patient experience. It is vital to the success of your practice, and here is why;

The perception that your patients have of your practice is developed through the experience they have with your practice. Your entire relationship with each patient is at its core, built through the experience delivered to them. 

From a business perspective, developing deep and meaningful experiences through branding and communications will have numerous positive impacts on your business such as:

Practices are built by happy patients so it is essential that you deliver an experience that is unmatched.

Here are 2 small tips that will massively improve patient experience.


 1. Change Your Perspective 

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Patients are consumers and healthcare is a consumer orientated business. Long gone are the days of one dentist per town, just a quick search of "dentists near me" yields over 10 different practices to choose from. Patients have more choices than ever before.

In order to grow your practice and stay competitive you must change your perspective of the patient, and view them as a consumer. Having this perspective puts you in the best position to deliver a patient experience that wins over the consumer and grows your practice.


2. Develop a Unique Value Proposition

Dental Patient Marketing


To have a competitive advantage and increase your likely-hood of being the dentist of choice for a consumer, you have to set yourself apart. The best way to do this is by developing a value proposition;

An unwavering philosophy and/or promise to make to your patient that is unique to your practice and sets you apart from the competition.

The most effective value proposition must align with your own internal vision and the reason for being in business in the first place. Though it takes some time to develop, the advantage gained is priceless.


Here are some questions to help get you started on developing your value proposition. Answer these questions from the patient's perspective, and brainstorm how you want your patients to perceive you.

  1. Who are you (Who is your practice)?  
  2. What do you do?

Here is a worksheet to help you develop a Unique Value Proposition.


Get Worksheet!


While seemingly small, these 2 tips will massively improve the patient experience that your practice delivers.




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